Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I use Lilifeed?

Lilifeed is a one of a kind tool that brings together your professional website and your LinkedIn feed. With Lilifeed you can keep the client engaged with the latest news, stories and updates from your company, right on your website. It unifies the presence of a brand with LinkedIn and creates this way a consolidated image of a business, giving credibility and trust.

What is actually a LinkedIn feed?

A LinkedIn feed is the total sum of the shareable posts that are on a given LinkedIn company page. This does not include pinned posts and shared posts on the page. Anything else is going to be picked up by Lilifeed and displayed on your website.

I lost my password. What now?

No worries, we got you covered. When you’re on the My Account page, click on Reset password. After that, add your email address in the specified field. You will receive the new password in an email.

I paid for my feed. Now what?

After choosing a plan and paying, go to your account in the section My feeds. Select the plan you just bought and there it is! Your own LinkedIn feed! After this you can get the embed code and put it on your website.

The feed is not loading. What should i do?

The tiny robots that are working behind the scenes can be a bit slow sometimes. Please wait a few moments for them, they are really trying their best. If nothing comes up after a while, please message us on our chat or contact us.

Can I use it on Wix?

Of course! You can add it to posts or to pages by selecting the Insert HTML button and selecting the HTML Code option. A preview will appear, and after publishing the post, you can see it live!

How can I use it on Squarespace?

You can use Lilifeed on your Squarespace site by adding the embed code of your feed in a code block. Unfortunately, because Squarespace is a very diverse and flexible platform, multiple themes do not have the option to add a code block. Other themes only have that option by default, but rather ask you to go for the premium version.

My live feed doesn’t look like the preview or vice-versa. What's wrong?

There are many reasons why this could happen, the most common one being the CSS style that is on your website modifies/conflicts with the Lilifeed CSS. Contact us for any support that you need.